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Known to his friends as “The Crazy Real Estate Investor,” Larry Steinhouse has a passion for investing in good, profitable properties. He first learned about real estate while working as a technician when he was just 18 years old. A friend and fellow employee was telling him about properties he was buying near the beach. He went on to tell Larry about the wealth-building ideas and the cash flow he was producing. Larry asked many questions and then went on to buy his first property just a few months later. The two-family house Larry bought when he was 18 gave him many great lessons, including how to be a landlord. Many of the lessons from that first house are still used by Larry and his coaching students. Larry says the “biggest mistake I ever made in real estate was selling that house at a 50 percent profit just a year later.” Many would question that statement, but after buying the house for about $25,000 and with a cash flow of over $250 a month at the time, Larry realized that the property would be worth many times that today — and the cash flow would be incredible if he had kept it. Teaching students how to make real money and build real wealth has been a passion of Larry’s for many years. He is with his students through every step of the process of searching for, buying, rehabbing and then renting or selling the property.

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“Angie made $12,000 on her First Wholesale deal After a few Months Following the Advice of The Crazy Real Estate Investor!”

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“Spencer made $10,000 at 18 years old on his First Real Estate Deal!”

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"Gary Followed the Advice of The Crazy Real Estate Investor and made over $32,000 on his First Deal!"

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